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'Built for a generation used to doing everything online'  

Competition is fierce. Good food alone doesn't guarantee success!
Instead, it's about the entire customer experience!


Everyday, thousands  of  restaurants hand over their most precious asset (customer data) to delivery platforms only for those same platforms to launch "Dark Kitchens" - delivery only restaurants powered by data gained from your customers and sometimes even offering the same dishes as you, to your customers!  

Outdoor Restaurant Seats

Know Your Customers

Because Deliveroo knows them far better than you do! 

Bloody Mary Cocktail
Avoid letting another company insert themselves between you and your customers. It not only weakens you, but also deprives you of valuable insights into your customers' needs, wants, or changes in their dietary preferences. If you're able to meet your customers' needs and wants, then a long & fruitful relationship beckons!
  • Isn't it interesting how third party platforms (Facebook, Google, Deliveroo, JustEat, UberEats), all know your customers far better than you do?

  • They know that Catherine likes fish, while James prefers steak.

  • They know that people in Catherine & James's neighbourhood order more pizzas on Monday nights and steak on Fridays.

  • They know that while James has been ordering from you, Catherine has been spending a lot more time lately on a vegan website and since then, have targeted her with your vegan rival's restaurant ads.

  • These delivery platforms have her email, tel number and send her birthday messages with discount vouchers - a very sweet touch, wouldn't you say? All of which pushes her further and further away from you. 

  • James on the other hand, remains loyal and does't succumb to the constant barrage of Facebook ads from your competitor. He could really do with more attention from you, perhaps even a discount voucher, wouldn't you agree?

  • Meanwhile, you continue keeping your head down, working hard, unaware of your customers' needs, wants, or, new dietary preferences. 

  • You do all the cooking while 3rd party platforms build relationships with your customers, access their data, take their money & positive reviews about your food, while you become more remote from your own customers until you're just another shop on their delivery platform (like an Amazon seller). Don't believe us? Well. What's the name of the Amazon seller who sold you your most recent item(s)? Worse, YOU then pay delivery platforms 20-30% commission for this "privilege". Sound like a fair partnership?

   If not and you'd like to have a direct relationship with your customers, then this is where can help.

  • Whether you offer your customers: table service, doorstep delivery, curbside pickup or 'Order on the Go', choose from one of our modern beautiful website templates below and give your customers an enjoyable online experience.

  • With customers having plenty of alternative options, it'll take more than good food to keep them coming back. It's time to take control of your business, your customers and, your brand.

  • Alternatively, if you'd like to do both i.e. remain on these delivery platforms while organically growing your customer community using one of our websites, then click the button below to view our restaurant websites and prices and then CONTACT US TODAY!  We're ready and waiting. If you're based in London, we're happy to pop round!


About Us


Whether you serve traditional food or, customisable, Instagrammable dishes, we've got you covered!  

  • MastaMap provides restaurants with do-it-all tech tools to enable them to digitalise and automate their operations as well as enable restaurants to offer their customers a platform to order direct from them instead of, or in addition to, (third party) online delivery platforms.

  • Whether it’s handling web and app design, marketing, loyalty programs, point-of-sale (POS) operations or online orders, restaurants can now take full control of their business as well as customer experience.

  • Our websites enable you to evolve with the needs of your customers by offering: contactless payments; digital table bookings; secure online payments; online ordering (without paying commission); and a more seamless customer experience, built for a generation used to doing everything online.


examples of how dElveroo can impact your business 

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Click HERE or photo below to read full article.

A similar customer fulfillment complaint to the one below, could result in bad reviews for your restaurant, through no fault of yours, over an issue you have no control over.

Deliveroo Editions "Dark Kitchens" coming soon

to a location near you!

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Deliveroo Editions01.png
Why work with us

Why Work With Us?

bring your menus to life with OUR beautiful
(desktop & mobile optimised) websites! 

We have a team on hand to help & advise you on your website & menu design & menu content. See content examples below.


Whether it's a wedding for 10 people or 500, we have over 10 years of experience. Contact us today for a friendly, professional service. You focus on your special day and leave the catering to us.

we will work with you to create a
full-service RESTAURANT website*

  We deliver fully functional and customisable affordable websites


    • Build a professional website and customise your design to fit the vibe  of your business.


    • Manage your orders with the online ordering system for restaurants.

    • Process orders without paying commission.

    • Let customers select pickup or delivery.

    • Get paid online with secure credit card payments or offline in cash.


    • Take and track phone orders. 

    • Allow your staff to enter phone order details into the ordering system.

    • Manage your phone and online orders in the same place.


    • Let customers pay with credit card, digital wallets or cash. 

    • Process your payments with your choice of provider such as Stripe,

              Wix Payments, Paypal and more.

  • Manage all your transactions and finances from one integrated dashboard.


    • Get reservations directly from your restaurant page.

    • Send confirmations by email and text and let users save the information into their calendars.

    • Set rules such as maximum party sizes and how long you’ll hold tables for no-shows.


    • Our website prices include both desktop and mobile versions (2 for the price of 1).


    • Create and customise a professional restaurant menu design.

    • Guide customers by adding labels such as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘gluten free’ to specific dishes.

    • Set up different menus such as ‘Breakfast’ or ‘Late Night’ and make them available at specific times. 

         *  Website feature(s) dependant upon price package secured.

Our wbsite templates

Our Website Templates

View website templates by clicking the white boxes below or, the blue buttons in the slide show.


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